In week 7, I got kind of familiar with concepts of usability in UI and its materiality. I learnt that Flat Design is the best option nowadays, because “people are comfortable with touch screens and no longer need real world representations”. (Tara HORNOR)

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 02.52.51

In Flat Design, everything should be flat and be designed in 2D style such as colours, photographs, icons and so forth. there is no need to extras and non-essential items (minimalism).

I also learnt what Flat Design IS and what it ISN’T. I learnt how to make a form, I realised that colliding Flat and Forms always suffers UXs.(ENDERS J, 2013)

understanding the meaning of negative spaces was a bit hard, however as far as I got, white backgrounds are not negative spaces at all, but useless spaces without any functionalities create negative spaces. Icons and typography are much more important than other things.

At the end of class, Nik came to groups one by one and looked into our projects and ideas as well as our logo and all job we had done till then, he recommended sets of very useful things, especially about our logo and the colours we needed to use in our product. He liked our product’s name (Tagtic) and suggested a slogan for it. All of them were according to this week’s class.