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What I Learnt This Week – Week 4 (hche4951)


Alright..maybe it’s not so dramatic, but hey, I had a great time this week 😀

Presentations aside, the lecture on branding had been very insightful, and I really liked some of the logo designs and concepts Nik showed us. One such example that left a huge impression on me was the Bahamas branding and logo. I felt that the logo concept was extremely clever and it came complete with a holistic brand campaign. In my opinion, this is a fine illustration of the thought process behind design ideas and the true value of professional designers.

As for my champion logo, I have chosen Starbucks to be the benchmark.


Granted that it is easily one of the most recognizable logos in the world (I mean it is literally everywhere ._.), but it is what the design represents that truly puts it on a different level. Personally, I am someone who loves logos and brands with a backstory or a well-thought concept for its design. Like Apple’s logo being a tribute to Alan Turing or Sony’s Vaio portraying the company’s transition (I decided not to use these logos though as it seemed too typical to do so), Starbucks’ logo story is quite interesting too.

For starters, the design does not contain a single coffee bean or cup. Next, the lady on the logo is actually a Siren.


Ok..maybe not so creepy..but she’s a Siren for sure.

And Terry Heckler (the designer) actually made this logo for two reasons. Firstly, he wanted to capture a nautical-sort-of-theme because Starbucks originated from Seattle, and secondly, it is because of what the Siren symbolizes; seduction and obsession. In myths, Sirens ( are actually brutal sociopaths who drown you after they have lured you to them. In some poetic way, it kind of sounds like what Starbucks coffee does to you. After being enticed to drink your first cup, you probably want more of that overpriced elixir till you are hopelessly hooked on caffeine, and this is all embodied by that innocent-looking lady on each coffee cup.

To me, this is one hella of a logo with a twist.

– Louis

What I Learnt This Week – Week 3 (hche4951)

Because it is so automated, it is also extremely easy to overlook all the little behavioural quirks we have as humans ( least until we had this lecture). By categorizing and labelling them, it definitely shone the limelight on these patterns, and out of the 12 different types, I can personally relate to “habituation” totally.

As a user, I have experienced how a typically used methodology applied across everywhere else cause frustration when abruptly removed or be illogically unavailable as an interface standard. This is particularly significant for me because that frustration instantly translates into a negative impression of the website or the platform interface in general when it occurs.

Other learnings that I have acquired in Week 3 include:

  • Personas (Kind of reminds me of this awesome game series:
    • Great way to classify and record my users’ interests and motivations (I became better at this after trying it out a couple of times during Design Thinking as well.)
  • Moodboards
    • This is not overly new to me, but when asked to create a moodboard based on whatever I like as a person, it was interesting to note that my style came out the way it did. At the same time, it was also refreshing to see the variety of styles everyone had to offer and allow my creative perspective to be widened by the entire experience.

Last but not least, here are my moodboards to end off this post 🙂

Moodboard - 1 Jane Bobble

– Louis

What I Learnt This Week – Week 2 (hche4951)

Week 2 is over!! And as we are moving towards the 3rd week, everything has shifted gears with school picking up the pace. Not necessarily a bad thing since more stuff is being taught, more work is being done, and I feel a sense of momentum building up to get things up and running towards our assignment.

For this week, I learnt a great deal about visual perspectives and how our eyes can be tricked to see colours and images differently. I mean we might have seen some of the techniques (like the Müller-Lyer illusion) somehow or rather in our daily lives, but understanding why they happen brought me to a new level of interest (I mean..cultures actually made a difference. Damn.). Wikipedia has a list of more such illusions (inclusive but not exhaustive as always), and I found the Café Wall illusion particularly fun too.

On a more serious note, Jennifer Tidwell totally blew my champion UI out of the window. *cue epic explosion sequence*

Ok. That’s not Jennifer. But #closeenough.”

Anyway, my champion UI did not contain any of the patterns she listed in her book. Comparatively, Hyperlapse is kinda different in its design. It seems to have a linear sort of structure; basically, you record a vid –> edit its speed –> decide if you like it (X or ✓) –> either you start over or you save and share it. I guess, as Nik highlighted, depending on the scale of the design and how much content is required to be in it, Tidwell’s patterns will serve as a benchmark checklist to ensure that the application design is sound and user-friendly. Regardless, I feel this knowledge is a good set of tools to have cos they will definitely aid me in my future designs. I might be changing my champion UI too if it doesn’t fit what I’m gonna do for our assignment brief though.

Shall see how it goes. :X

That’s it for this week!


What I Learnt This Week – Week 1 (hche4951)

In a nutshell, here are my learnings (really brief one) from Week 1’s class:

– UX Design ≠ UI Design. In fact, UX involves a lot more stuff than I expected (which made sense now after this lecture and when I think about it).

– I got introduced to Donald Norman and his principles; did some light reading on “The Design of Everyday Things” and was highly intrigued by how he describes design. I took my digging a step further and found a video of him on Ted as well. For anyone interested, here is the link to the vid: 3 Ways Good Design Makes You Happy.

– Gestalt Principles allowed me to describe better in theory how we perceive certain designs and the effects they have on us.

– Nik really like dogs. (me too actually *grins*)


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