I think this is a good reminder:

“Always test your design after you are working on it 2- 3 weeks. This is because you become subjective about it as you are the one who build it.”


All parents tags should include or embrace all the child tags!!

For example:

< p >< a >< /p >< /a > —> Bad

< p >< a > < /a >< /p > —> Good

Do not skip levels!

if you want the font size smaller, change it in CSS

A desirable attribute should follow this rule:

< element attributename=“value” > text content < /element >

For example:

< h1 id=“phones” > different type of mobile phones < /h1 >


Learning Materials:

Here are some photos that sum up what we learnt in class:

Scan 01Scan 03Scan 04
Scan 05Scan 06Scan 07

Tutorial exercise:
Tutorial 9 - html