graphic design

Graphic Design

This week (6), I learnt so many things about Graphic Design, which visually communicates to users of websites. “What set of colours to be used”, “how” and “where”, are very important questions that need to be figured out in a layout of webpage. Fonts and typing are very important things as well, which can change moods of users. Designers should avoid using wrong colours or wrong colour combinations. Also, designers need to use a very reliable, attractive and clear font for their design typography.

A very important event that I had always been dreaming was to learn how to use “Adobe Photoshop” tool. I never knew that it could be one of the most important tools in interface designing. Especially, for designing webpage mockups it looks like a very perfect software. Although it is difficult to learn in one session, but I am very keen on learning this useful tool as soon as possible starting by Nik’s attached tutorial documents . To be honest, the most useful usage of photoshop in my opinion is its ability to create independent layers inside the same file.