Flat Design:
  • simple (but you can think of it as bad)
  • trendy and honesty
  • simpler but does not mean more useable
  • no drop shadow
  • use flat colour
  • not for long term benefit
  • tread change quickly

For example,
Image Source: webdesignerdepot

Use white colour font across different flat colours in this photo.

  • people are hard to see the wordings on the light green background
  • bad for contrasting
  • only some colour background would stand out more with white font, such as dark blue background
  • add more colours means adding more complexity
Summary of what I learn this week:
  • icon is good for differentiation
  • Flat Out – deducting design – icon became much more important
  • 3 clicks to get what user wants
  • complex grid could be good
  • expert on user friendly interface – say NO to flat design
  • designer – say YES to flat design