Michele Fernandez

We learnt about heuristics methods and how they are a flexible set of criteria to evaluate interfaces by “trial and error”. It would have been useful to know about this before testing our interfaces. I think the tasks we would have requested from users would have been more thoughtful that way. Maybe that´s Nik´s point… that theory can make your life easier because someone has already thought about possibles issues for you.

I specially liked the one about “Match between system and the real world” I feel that achieving that would really help to make an interface understandable, because users could emulate behaviors they already have.

The one that I would like to understand better is about Aesthetic and minimal Design, Nik said they didn´t mean the same than graphic designers by “minimal design”. I know that´s the way infographics work, by condensing complex data into simple representations, but i´m not sure if that´s what Nielsen implies by that.

Image source: mediamatic