It was a lot of fun with the pitch presentations this week. Lots of different ways of approaching the brief and idea. Michele’s method of telling the story of how she organised collections of marbles as a kid was particularly memorable.

Then it was time for branding. I know brands are extremely valuable, but some of the statistics in the lecture were still astonishing. And staying on the topic of branding, Google announced a new logo and updated identity today (umm, perks of doing this a bit late I think? *sheepish*), and I found it to be a very interesting read. The logo was also imagined to be something fluid, that communicates to the user even when search terms are being processed. It was an interesting departure from the traditional static form.

Staying on the topic of logos, Abduzeedo usually does posts on logo design where they pick a particular item or theme – such as cursive lettering, pandas or teeth. I think their selections are usually very fascinating, and it goes to how much room there is to get really creative on common themes.



Then it was the illustrator tutorial. Now I know how non-programmers might feel like in a programming class. It looks like a good grasp of the pen tool is very useful skill to have. I’ll definitely need more practice to get better at this. If anyone else also needs help with some of this, I came across this the other day –  “Games for designers“, which had some simple games for pen tool and illustrator newbies like me. 🙂