This week was a little bit information heavy (pun intended). I got a glimpse into the world of Information Architecture. While I am familiar with its existence, I perhaps may have been avoiding it purely for its daunting appearance.


All text and no graphics makes Rez a dull boy.

But I’ll be lying if I didn’t mention how crucial they are to an organization. There’s only so much a graphic designer can do before the all the link arrangements simply don’t make any sense anymore. I have encountered this before when trying to make websites and trying to organize which links go where – they’re not as simple as I thought. Now if I had read up on Richard Saul Wurman earlier on, then I would have realized that there should be someone else planning the site. This is an interesting area of study because it seems to fall heavily on psychology. How does one quantify the importance of one set of information compared to another?

The Information Architecture checklist also seems a little bit ridiculous. That is a lot of considerations to take into account. Also FACCUCCALD isn’t an acronym that quite rolls off the tongue either. Information Architecture from what I’ve seen seems to be a job for the meticulous and detail oriented. I’m interested to find out in where this process fits into the workflow? If the Info Architect decides to change something do all the programmers/designers  gather to lynch him?

Another question I have is that what is the future of the Information Architect? This seems like an extremely important position yet there aren’t many university programs or career paths that lead to this. Will this job be merged with the User Experience designer? I’ve searched on and it seems that this job pays very well. Again though, I personally am not sure if I can handle this lack of colours and pretty objects.