Michele Fernandez

To be honest this week was stressful. I enjoyed designing the slides but It was my first time doing a presentation in English and i was worried about it.

All in all It was a good class. I liked to see the concepts developed by other people, it always amazes me how the same brief can lead to so many different ideas.

The lecture about logo development left me thinking on all the different strategies to design one. It’s nice to revisit subjects. The approach in this class was much more analytical than what i had studied before. I liked that. Graphic design is intentional, it’s looking to achieve a goal, so it should be based on a long thinking process, that’s what I want to remember from this class, the design process should start by analyzing your goals and then making sure to translate them into graphics in a pleasing but also effective way.

About my favorite logo, I love logos with history behind them, so I chose the one used to promote tourism in Peru.


The spiral shape is thought to symbolize the continuity of life. It is inspired in the ones found in the old city of Caral, one of the oldest cities in south america (2600 BCE and 2000 BCE)