Alright..maybe it’s not so dramatic, but hey, I had a great time this week 😀

Presentations aside, the lecture on branding had been very insightful, and I really liked some of the logo designs and concepts Nik showed us. One such example that left a huge impression on me was the Bahamas branding and logo. I felt that the logo concept was extremely clever and it came complete with a holistic brand campaign. In my opinion, this is a fine illustration of the thought process behind design ideas and the true value of professional designers.

As for my champion logo, I have chosen Starbucks to be the benchmark.


Granted that it is easily one of the most recognizable logos in the world (I mean it is literally everywhere ._.), but it is what the design represents that truly puts it on a different level. Personally, I am someone who loves logos and brands with a backstory or a well-thought concept for its design. Like Apple’s logo being a tribute to Alan Turing or Sony’s Vaio portraying the company’s transition (I decided not to use these logos though as it seemed too typical to do so), Starbucks’ logo story is quite interesting too.

For starters, the design does not contain a single coffee bean or cup. Next, the lady on the logo is actually a Siren.


Ok..maybe not so creepy..but she’s a Siren for sure.

And Terry Heckler (the designer) actually made this logo for two reasons. Firstly, he wanted to capture a nautical-sort-of-theme because Starbucks originated from Seattle, and secondly, it is because of what the Siren symbolizes; seduction and obsession. In myths, Sirens (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siren_(mythology)) are actually brutal sociopaths who drown you after they have lured you to them. In some poetic way, it kind of sounds like what Starbucks coffee does to you. After being enticed to drink your first cup, you probably want more of that overpriced elixir till you are hopelessly hooked on caffeine, and this is all embodied by that innocent-looking lady on each coffee cup.

To me, this is one hella of a logo with a twist.

– Louis