After studying about Jennifer Tidwell’s design patterns last week. It was now turn for the behavioral patterns. We have all experienced some of them in our lifetime but I never knew how to explain them using the correct terminology. Well now I do, thanks to Nik 🙂

There were a total of 12 of these and each of them provided an insight to what constituents make up a god design. It is not just the aesthetics that matter but the whole user experience of your product depends on these intricate details. Overall, this lecture gave me a comprehensive understanding of what mistakes UI designers make in their designs and how to avoid them.

The second half of the lecture focused on users. I am not actually new to making personas and working with them as this was covered in my undergrad courses of HCI and Software Requirements Engineering.

On the contrary, learning about mood boards was very new to me. It was a really interesting activity which helped you to imagine the look and feel of your future product. Furthermore, making a moodboard for other people’s persona proved a little challenging as it taught me how to get out of my comfort zone and think from someone else’s perspective.

My moodboardMy personal Moodboard

Moodboard - Alex UnderwoodAlex Underwood’s Moodboard that I created