Quite a lot actually.

  • You should have proper justification, backed by research and theory, to explain why you made a certain choices in design. “Everybody does it” is not it. Which is great – this is what I want to learn in this class.
  • Skeuminimalism
  • The lecture slides are great.
  • Nik cares deeply about the UI and UX profession, and is very particular about the skills you need to have before “he’ll let you” join the ranks.
  • On that note, there is a difference between UI and UX.
  • The Gestalt principles were an eye-opener for me. They made a lot of sense, and will be very useful to understand why we perceive shapes and objects they way we do.
  • The principles of good UI design – a useful toolkit for UI designers.

I also learnt I should do this every week before the next class, which will happen now as the semester progresses!