Week 2 is over!! And as we are moving towards the 3rd week, everything has shifted gears with school picking up the pace. Not necessarily a bad thing since more stuff is being taught, more work is being done, and I feel a sense of momentum building up to get things up and running towards our assignment.

For this week, I learnt a great deal about visual perspectives and how our eyes can be tricked to see colours and images differently. I mean we might have seen some of the techniques (like the Müller-Lyer illusion) somehow or rather in our daily lives, but understanding why they happen brought me to a new level of interest (I mean..cultures actually made a difference. Damn.). Wikipedia has a list of more such illusions (inclusive but not exhaustive as always), and I found the Café Wall illusion particularly fun too.

On a more serious note, Jennifer Tidwell totally blew my champion UI out of the window. *cue epic explosion sequence*

Ok. That’s not Jennifer. But #closeenough.”

Anyway, my champion UI did not contain any of the patterns she listed in her book. Comparatively, Hyperlapse is kinda different in its design. It seems to have a linear sort of structure; basically, you record a vid –> edit its speed –> decide if you like it (X or ✓) –> either you start over or you save and share it. I guess, as Nik highlighted, depending on the scale of the design and how much content is required to be in it, Tidwell’s patterns will serve as a benchmark checklist to ensure that the application design is sound and user-friendly. Regardless, I feel this knowledge is a good set of tools to have cos they will definitely aid me in my future designs. I might be changing my champion UI too if it doesn’t fit what I’m gonna do for our assignment brief though.

Shall see how it goes. :X

That’s it for this week!